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2.11.2017     For Families   No comments

How much time do you spend staring down the endless wall of yogurt containers at the grocery store? There are so many different claims on them: Low fat! Probiotics to

The Scoop on Ice Cream: The best and worst options for a cold summer treat

14.08.2017     For Families   No comments

You scream, I scream… we all scream for ice cream! Don't worry, I'm not here to tell you that your kids should never ever ever have ice cream. It's summer,

3 ways to keep your kids hydrated this summer

5.07.2017     Uncategorised   No comments

Summer is here and it’s officially getting HOT HOT HOT outside. This time of year means more kids are spending more time running, jumping and playing outside, and it also means we as

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Baby-Led Weaning

9.06.2017     Uncategorised   No comments

Baby-led weaning - I bet you hear this phrase at least once a day in your life as a new or soon-to-be parent! "Baby-Led Weaning" seems to be a trendy new

Top 5 Most Important Family Eating Behaviours

5.05.2017     For Families   No comments

Why is family nutrition so important? Because to have vibrant family, all members need to work together!  While your schedules and choices may vary, it IS possible to have the

5 Powerful Brain-Boosting Foods for Your Baby

31.03.2017     Foods, For Families, Resources   No comments

Nutrition is the key to boosting brain health for kids, but many Canadian families don’t know which foods to choose.  As parents we want our children to thrive at school,