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What you can do to make it fun….

  1. Do a “table dance or groove” for taste explosions or favourite items. You can even thin k up a little dance for every type of food on the roster…and start rating foods by dances!
  2. You can let your children take the lead…remember the Golden Rule of feeding (literally an evidence-based rule!) is that children always get to decide what goes in their bodies.

Of course this sounds easier to read than do…because when you are sitting in front of your baby, wondering if she will starve-to-death-lose-weight-be-up-all-night without some help in the feeding department. Well, as difficult as it may be to imagine, you have to trust your baby’s intuition and hunger cues..it’s actually an excellent way to build your baby’s internal meter that tells her when she is full before needing to be stuffed!

  1. Model your baby’s ideal diet: I meet SO MANY parents daily that want to create these beautiful, nutritious meals for baby…..and then sneak off and eat pizza in the corner …Your baby is the smartest person in the room (FYI), responding to and picking up on all kinds of energetic and visual information…if they see you are not eating what you have given them…why would they eat it? It’s a signal that the food you give them in not acceptable or as good as what you may be eating yourself. Think about it…wouldn’t it feel weird you were eating dinner at a chef’s house…and he or she served you something…and then ate a completely different meal??!!
  2. Vitamin D…D is for Don’t Miss It! I know there’s a new understanding about the lack of evidence and quality of supplements out there


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