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Pregnancy puts energetic and nutritional demands on you as a mother that can be overwhelming at times. You may experience a range of symptoms from nausea, heartburn, constipation, muscle and joint pain as well as emotional and mood alteration.  Your health and nutrition during pregnancy directly influences the health of your developing baby.

The Vibrant Pregnancy nutrition package will guide you through all of these aspects of being pregnant,  nourishing yourself and your developing baby. We work from the prenatal period through each trimester of pregnancy, as well as during the postpartum and breastfeeding period.

If you’re eating for two, this is the package for you!  The Vibrant Pregnancy package also makes a great gift for an expecting mother!

The Vibrant Pregnancy nutrition package is designed to help expectant mothers maximize their nutritional well-being through every stage of pregnancy as well as after the baby arrives.

Our Registered Dietitian will help you make sure that both mama and baby are getting everything they need to be nourished, vibrant, and healthy!

  • A 1-hour comprehensive initial assessment
  • 4 hours worth of follow up appointments.  This can be split according to your needs and schedule, but we recommend:
    • 1 hour during the first trimester*
    • 1 hour during the second trimester
    • 1 hour during the third trimester
    • 1 hour post-pregnancy to focus on post-partum hormone regulation and help with the demands of breastfeeding
*This can be pushed to second trimester depending on the initial assessment timing and any required management of pregnancy-related symptoms.

Not quite the right fit for you?  Custom packages are available – get in touch!