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Milk Battles

Many families are confused about which, if ANY, milk they should give their child. Is dairy really all that bad? Are the alternatives even better?  Almond, soy coconut, hemp –

PLEASE Don’t Call Your Child a ‘Picky Eater’

9 Ways to Help a Challenging Eater Improve their Dietary Variety Would you call your child a “picky eater?” I can say this is a phrase that I hear a

Let’s talk about “Clean Eating”

Everyone seems to be talking about “eating clean.” I hear about it from clients, from advertising, and across social media platforms. But what does “eating clean” actually mean? And if

Every Registered Dietitian Is a Nutritionist, but Not Every Nutritionist Is a Registered Dietitian

Perhaps when you think of wellness and lifestyle and health, you think of the word “nutrition” instead of “diet or dietitian”….that’s positive in some way! Mental and physical health is

Feeding Baby

What you can do to make it fun…. Do a “table dance or groove” for taste explosions or favourite items. You can even thin k up a little dance for

What do YOU feed your kids for lunch?!!

This is a question I get often in those hallway pick-up discussion with parents….sometimes with a tone of curiosity and sometimes with a touch of good natured sarcasm….once of course