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An Expert In Her Field

Nishta Saxena

Simple affordable strategies to feeding your family.

Nishta Saxena, MSc. RD

Registered Dietitian Nishta Saxena has over 10 years of experience leading workshops, giving presentations and appearing in the news and media.  Her fun, informative, science-based “nutrition myth-buster” approach makes her an engaging, motivating and compelling presenter, speaker and teacher. Her passion is to help, inform and strategize to nourish children and families across Canada.

Nishta makes regular media appearances as a food and nutrition expert with on CTV’s Your Morning, nutrition expert on Global National. Her nutrition colums and commentary have been featured in Today’s Parent, The Globe and Mail, CBC, The National Post and UHN News.

Nishta also leads dozens of tailored workshops every year on a variety of topics, including her popular Feeding Your Baby and Vibrant Mama, Feeding Challenging Eaters programs, as well as a variety of more specialized workshops (e.g. Nutrition for Dancers, Managing Your Child’s Allergies and Nutrition for South Asian Seniors).

What Parents Say

“After attending the Feeding Your Baby seminar, I feel much more confident in starting solids with my baby. Nish is both knowledgeable and approachable, and she took the time to answer all of my questions. I recommend her seminar to all new parents.”

– Kelly E.

What Schools Say

“The workshop was fantastic. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with Nishta’s no-nonsense ability to connect with students in a way that was direct, engaging and entertaining. Absolutely fantastic.”

– Paul De Jong (Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts)

What Parents Say

“As a first-time mom of a 4 month old, Nishta’s introduction to solids session was a great, fun way to learn about feeding my baby.

Nishta is clearly very well informed about this topic, as both a dietitian and a mom, and she provided lots of helpful evidence and experience-based tips throughout the session in addition to covering the basics. Thanks again!”

– K. A. (Mom and Paediatrician)

Workshops and Presentations

Every year, Nishta works with schools, businesses and organizations to create tailored workshops and presentations according to their specific needs.

Her Feeding Your Baby workshop (a crash-course in starting solids with infants) and Vibrant Mama workshop (which focuses on helping mothers learn what foods they can eat to be more energized) are popular options.

Nishta is also an expert at creating workshops tailored to specific needs, examples of which include: Feeding Challenging EatersManaging Your Child’s Food Allergies; Nutrition for South Asian Seniors; Nutrition for Dancers; Nutrition for Young Athletes; and more!

If you are interested in booking or discussing a workshop, please get in touch.  Email Nishta at: nish@simplyvibrantnutrition.com

Media Appearances and Consultations

Nishta appears regularly as a nutrition expert on shows like CTV’s Your Morning and Global National News, and is a frequent contributor to news sources like the Globe and Mail, CBC.ca and UHN News.

If you would like to consult a Registered Dietitian who specializes in paediatric and family nutrition for television segments, writing, or contributing statements, please email Nishta: nish@simplyvibrantnutrition.com

Consultation Services

Nishta does consulting work with a variety of businesses, schools and organizations to help them meet their goals of nourishing staff, students and clients with education-based strategies.

Examples include:

  • Consulting with daycares and parenting centres on nutritious meal and snack plans
  • Working with schools to educate students on science-based nutrition facts, and myth-bust trends and misinformation
  • Working with catering companies to help them make sure they are offering balanced nutritious options, or on menu palnning for specific events (eg, catering for a school event, etc.)
  • And more!