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This tasty recipe will be the fastest and easiest veggie side at your next BBQ. You’ll never eat corn plain again!

Corn on the cob, still in husk

Butter, margarine or Earth Balance

Cayenne and/or cumin

Wedges of lime

  1. Pick corn in husk; check at husk tops to make sure it’s fresh!
  2. Turn on BBQ. Trim husks to avoid catching flames.
  3. When at 350 to 400 degrees F, place corn on BBQ inside of husk, cook for 20 minutes total, rotate after 10 minutes.
  4. Prep melted butter or Earth Balance or margarine (whichever you prefer).
  5. Prep spice-shaker of cayenne.
  6. Cut-up limes into wedges.

When corn is cooled enough to peel, remove husk, rub with fresh lime all over, sprinkle with cayenne all over and add your preferred fat to taste!

NOTE: for small kids (under 4) or those who are spice-averse, ditch the Cayenne pepper and try a dash of cumin!!!


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